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Elahé, a village in distress: a month without drinking water

In French Guiana, the village of Elahé, located on the Haut Maroni, has been without drinking water for a month. This is an alarming situation, especially for children and the elderly who are making a desperate plea for help.

Water crisis in Mayotte: bottles for everyone

The drought that has been raging for several months in Mayotte has reached a critical level. The island is running out of water and the distribution of bottled water is now widespread to the entire population. A daily distribution that is expected to continue until at least January 2024. This is a small relief for the people of Mahor, who have been suffering from drastic water restrictions for months.

UNICEF denounces violations of the rights of children in the Overseas Territories

UNICEF has published an alarming report on the situation of children overseas. The report highlights serious violations of the human rights of these children, including the right to water, education and protection.

Pasta with plantain, a Martinican culinary innovation

Two young entrepreneurs from Martinique have created an original culinary innovation: pasta made from plantain flour. Their product has been awarded by the Pôle agro-ressources de Recherche de Martinique.

Vanilla Festival in Mayotte: production threatened?

Mayotte is celebrating the Vanilla Festival this weekend, an opportunity to highlight this emblematic culture of the island. But this year's vanilla harvest suffered from the drought: 400 kilos were produced, half as much as expected.

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