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The success of the truce agreed upon between Israel and Hamas for the second day reflects both sides' desire to make it a success, military expert Maj. Gen. Fayez al-Douri said.

Through this truce, the Israeli government is trying to obtain the largest number of civilian detainees in the Gaza Strip after it failed to liberate them militarily in order to provide something to the internal street, while the resistance is trying to arrange its papers on the ground and alleviate the catastrophic humanitarian situation on the residents of the Strip, according to al-Duwairi.

In an analysis by Al Jazeera, Al-Duwairi did not rule out extending the truce, despite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other military leaders talking about their determination to continue fighting, pointing out that the occupation government wants to free at least 100 detainees.

Regarding the repositioning of the occupation forces, al-Duwairi said, "Predicting what Israel is planning requires modern photos of its forces, and this is not currently available, but there may be an intention to re-establish the form of maneuver, and often they fear a surprise attack from the resistance in the event of the collapse of the truce because the resisters are everywhere underground."

Duwairi considered that Netanyahu's talk about a second phase of the war is nothing more than populist rhetoric inside Israel, stressing that if he had been able to achieve his goals militarily, he would not have accepted any truce in the first place.

Source : Al Jazeera