On Friday, the police established a so-called special regional incident. This is due to the fact that on Saturday they first gave permission for a manifestation for the Palestinian people and then for Koran burning. The association Handala held the manifestation to support the Palestinian people at 12 noon in Hörsalsparken.

Shortly thereafter, just a few blocks away on the Old Square, the police had also given permission for Koran burning. A Palestinian flag was also destroyed. The person who burned the Koran was Salwan Najem, who together with Salwan Momika was behind several Koran burnings in Sweden. However, it was only Najem who was present in Norrköping.

The planned demonstrations are very close to each other. How have you reasoned about that?

"We have taken care to ensure that these gatherings can be carried out safely and securely, and we have experience from previous similar efforts on how to work. We have police officers with different functions on site that we feel are necessary, says Olle Älveroth, press spokesperson at the police.

Store owner critical

Many police officers were on site in Norrköping on Saturday. Some critics raised their voices when the Koran burning took place, but all in all, everything went smoothly and no people were detained.

The shop owner, Elisabeth Ring, has her clothing store right between the places where the two demonstrations took place. She is critical of the fact that the police gave permission for the two demonstrations at the same time, so close to each other.

See more from the demonstrations and hear store owner Elisabeth Ring tell us more in the clip above.