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The first part of the hostage deal between Israel and Hamas has been concluded. And that causes jubilation on both sides.

Here, a convoy with released hostages is supposed to drive through Israel.

And this is where released Palestinian prisoners in the West Bank are received.

Hamas has now also released pictures showing the handing over of hostages. The terrorist group let 24 people go: ten Thais, one person with Filipino citizenship and 13 Israelis, including four dual nationals who have both Israeli and German citizenship.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister:
"We have now completed the return of the first hostages. Children, their mothers and other women. Every single one of them means a whole world."

These pictures show the reunion of a family. A mother and both daughters had been kidnapped by Hamas. Now they are back with their husband and father. Despite all the relief, he emphasized how serious the situation still was.

Yoni Katz Asher, husband and father of released hostages:
"I'm happy to have my family back. We are allowed to feel joy. And we are allowed to shed a tear. That's only human. But I'm not celebrating. I won't celebrate until the last of the hostages comes home."

In the West Bank, many people took to the streets to cheer the release of Palestinian prisoners. This young man had also been in Israeli custody before – and now spoke of terrible conditions during his captivity.

Laith Othman, released Palestinian:
"The situation in prison is very hard, I can't really express how hard it is."

"Why, exactly?"

Laith Othman, released Palestinian:
"We were not allowed to leave our cells, there was no good food, no meals, there was nothing, we starved to death. There's nothing good in prison, the situation is catastrophic."

These descriptions cannot be independently verified.

Meanwhile, the people of the Gaza Strip are taking advantage of the ceasefire to return to their cities and homes. Often, however, they found nothing but destruction.

Insam Al-Zain, Palestinian girl:
"This was a fascinatingly beautiful city. Now all that is left is grief and pain, everything is devastated. Nothing is left of my beautiful city but pain and sorrow. It's hard to put into words what I see here."

Even for helpers, places were now accessible that were not accessible before. They collected the bodies of people killed in the Israeli attacks.

In addition, relief supplies began to arrive in the Gaza Strip. They are intended to help care for civilians.

Hamas also plans to release more hostages on Saturday, with various media reports reporting that 13 and 14 people have been released. On the other hand, 42 Palestinian prisoners are to be released.

The negotiated ceasefire is expected to last at least four days. In total, up to 100 hostages from Israel and up to 300 Palestinian prisoners could be released.

Netanyahu also stressed that the latest releases are only the beginning:

Benjamin Netyanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister: "I want to make it very clear for you, for the families and citizens of Israel:
We are determined to bring all the hostages home. That is one of the aims of this war, and we are determined to achieve all the goals of this war."

The second goal is the complete destruction of Hamas. So one thing is clear: after the ceasefire, the war between Israel and the terror group will continue to rage.