• Israel-Gaza war Israel condemns Sánchez's words on the war and summons the ambassador: "They give support to terrorism"
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Hamas on Saturday thanked the "clear and bold stance" of Pedro Sánchez and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, who yesterday criticised the high number of Gazan civilian casualties in the war between Israel and the Islamist group in the Gaza Strip.

"We appreciate the clear and bold stance of Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, who affirmed his rejection of the destruction of Gaza and the killing of civilians; and Spain's Pedro Sanchez, who condemned the occupying state's indiscriminate killings of civilians in the Gaza Strip, and pointed to the possibility that his country will unilaterally recognize the Palestinian state, if the European Union does not take this step," Hamas said in a statement.

These statements by the terrorist group come after the president of the government assured Israel that violence "only brings violence" and must be replaced by "peace and hope". In addition, he reiterated his commitment to the creation of two states, the Israeli and the Palestinian, while opening the door for Spain to unilaterally recognize the Palestinian state. "The time has come for the international community, especially for the European Union, to take a decision on the recognition of the Palestinian state. It would be worthwhile for many EU members to do it together, but if that doesn't happen, Spain will make its own decisions."

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