"My husband is in the woods collecting firewood," says Dana Spiridon.

15-year-old Dana sits outside her parents' home in the village of Valea Seaca in Romania. In her arms is her seven-month-old daughter Aneli, who looks around curiously. The last time we saw Dana, she was eight years old and dreamed of becoming a police officer.

Dana Spiridon (bottom right in the picture) with her family at home in Valea Seaca in October 2016 Photo: Peter Nässén/SVT

Begging in Sundsvall when her daughter got married

It was in 2016 that SVT Västernorrland followed Irina Bujor and her family home to Romania for the first time. What met me then was enormous poverty, exclusion in society and children who dropped out of school early and started their own families already as children.

"I didn't know anything, I was in Sweden begging when she got married and got pregnant, I couldn't stop her," says Irina Bujor, looking angrily at her daughter Dana.

Education is a key issue

Education is a key issue for the future of the whole of Romania, not just the Roma. In a few years' time, a large part of the country's working-age population will consist of largely uneducated Roma. And in order for there to be any change, the ethnic group must succeed in breaking its traditional norms.

In the video, Dana and Irina talk about dreams, and about the difficulties of leaving begging.