"Maintaining muscle is very important to be able to do everyday things when you get older. Like climbing stairs and picking things up from the floor, for example," says Anna Ek.

Every Wednesday, she and her athletics colleague Ann Axelsson lead a group of seniors in Kålgårdshallen in Jönköping. The training is adapted for people over 60. The oldest participant is over 80 years old.

The initiative started a few years ago when the Swedish Athletics Federation wanted to focus on increasing the joy of movement among seniors.

"Think about it when you're young"

Anna Ek, who is also a trained physiotherapist, wants to encourage older people to dare to move. She feels that many people end up in a situation where they don't think it's worth exercising, and she also notices that many are afraid of getting injured. But it's about building resilience in tendons, muscles and bones over time," she says.

And she encourages younger people to think now about what they want to be able to do when they get older.

"You have to think about it from a young age to maintain your mobility, fitness and strength. It's never too late to start exercising.