On November 11, the Office of the Leading Group for Promoting the Belt and Road Initiative released the Vision and Actions for Unswervingly Promoting the High-quality Development of the Belt and Road Initiative - Development Prospects for the Belt and Road Initiative in the Next Decade, which researched and put forward visions, ideas and practical actions for high-quality Belt and Road cooperation in the next decade.

The report is about 1,3 words, with five parts in addition to the preface, which are the achievements and enlightenment of the Belt and Road Initiative in the past ten years, the overall vision of the Belt and Road Initiative in the next decade, the key areas and directions of development in the next decade, the path and measures for development in the next decade, and the outlook.

According to the report, China proposes that all parties in the Belt and Road Initiative should focus on the "five overall plans", namely, the integration of inheritance and innovation, the coordination of government and market, the coordination of bilateral and multilateral, the integration of scale and efficiency, and the integration of development and security. The report also proposes to adhere to the principles and concepts of extensive consultation, joint construction and sharing, openness, green and integrity, and high standards, people's livelihood and sustainability.

In terms of development goals, the report proposes that in the next decade or so, all parties will work towards the goal of equal cooperation and mutual benefit, and promote the Belt and Road Initiative to enter a new stage of high-quality development. Specifically, it includes five major goals, namely, the interconnection network will be smoother and more efficient, the pragmatic cooperation in various fields will reach a new level, the sense of gain and happiness of the people of the country will be further enhanced, China's new system of a higher-level open economy will be basically formed, and the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind will become more and more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

At the same time, the report also clarified the key areas and directions for the development of the Belt and Road Initiative in the next decade: in terms of policy communication, we will focus on deepening multilateral cooperation, building a multi-level intergovernmental policy exchange and docking mechanism, and deepening the docking of rules and standards; In terms of infrastructure connectivity, we will vigorously promote the construction of land corridors, deepen maritime connectivity with co-construction countries, promote the high-quality development of the "Air Silk Road", and promote the safe and efficient interconnection of information infrastructure. In terms of unimpeded trade, we will expand global trade cooperation, strengthen two-way investment cooperation, and improve the level of trade and investment liberalization and facilitation. In terms of financial integration, we will improve the financial cooperation mechanism and expand new channels for investment and financing; In terms of people-to-people bonds, we will strengthen cooperation in education and training, culture, tourism and sports, political parties and non-governmental organizations, and media and think tanks. In terms of cooperation in new areas, we will promote the green development of the Belt and Road Initiative, accelerate the cultivation of new forms and models of cooperation in the digital field, create a new highland for scientific and technological innovation cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, and actively deepen international cooperation in the field of health care. (CCTV News Client)