Argentina: Ministry of Security proposed to Patricia Bullrich

We are beginning to know more about the contours of Javier Milei's future government. Elected president of Argentina last Sunday, the ultra-liberal economist sealed his alliance with the traditional right by offering the security ministry to Patricia Bullrich, according to local media. Coming third on the evening of the first round, the candidate of Juntos por el Cambio had called for a vote for him in the second round.

Former Argentine presidential candidate Patricia Bullrich speaks at a press conference in Buenos Aires on October 25, 2023. AP - Gustavo Garello

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With our correspondent in Buenos Aires, Théo Conscience

He was elected on a promise to put an end to the "political caste", but the future government of Javier Milei has an air of déjà vu. According to Argentine media, Patricia Bullrich will return to the Ministry of Security, which she held between 2015 and 2019 under the presidency of Mauricio Macri.

After the first round, the candidate of the traditional right and the ex-president called for a vote for Javier Milei. This support was described as unconditional at the time, but is now reflected in key positions in the government.

In addition to Patricia Bullrich, two close associates of Mauricio Macri are also expected to be appointed to head the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank, according to the local press.

These appointments are to the detriment of historical allies of the future president, such as his vice-president Victoria Villarruel, who hoped to have a hand in security and defense issues, or Emilio Ocampos, the economist behind the dollarization plan, to whom the future president had promised to give the keys to the Central Bank so that he could close it definitively.

This alliance with the traditional right comes against a backdrop of questions about the room for manoeuvre that Javier Milei will have to govern, knowing that he has no majority of his own in either the Chamber of Deputies or the Senate.

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