Aoyama is loyal to the bones, and the hero returns

November 11rd

The remains of the 10th batch of martyrs of the Chinese People's Volunteers in South Korea returned to China

After more than 70 years of absence

The motherland and the people in the most reverent way

Welcome the hero home

Every detail

It's all a tribute to the martyrs


Video: Heroes Come Home | The Y-20 has brought the hero home! Source: China News Network

Detail one

The national flag covers the coffins of the martyrs of the volunteers

At the handover ceremony

The Chinese ambassador to the Republic of Korea presented the coffins of the martyrs of the Chinese People's Volunteers

Be careful to cover the five-star red flag

The national flag is the cover, the military aircraft is the driver, and the salute soldiers are the companions

The mountains and rivers are safe, and the heroes have returned to their hometowns

Photo by China News Service reporter Liu Xu

Detail two

Two J-20 escorted the flight

Before the Y-20 special plane landed at Shenyang Taoxian International Airport

Two J-20 fighters escorted the flight

Detail three

The highest courtesy welcomes the soul of the hero

Shenyang Taoxian International Airport to "cross the water gate"

The highest courtesy welcomes the martyrs of the Volunteer Army home

Two J-20 fighters on escort missions

Ultra-low altitude through the field

I would like to pay high tribute to the martyrs of the Volunteers

Detail four

It's snowing in Shenyang

Snowflakes are falling in the sky

After more than 70 years of absence

When I went, I was still a teenager

Returning is already a body to serve the country

Detail five

The shouting of the tower is tearful

"Heaven and earth are heroic, and the autumn is still awe-inspiring

With high respect,

Welcome home the martyrs of the volunteers"

The shouts of the Y-20 crew and the Shenyang tower

It's tearful

Detail six

Veterans brave the snow and wait for the heroes to go home

On November 11, Shenyang City Martyrs Cemetery to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea

Volunteer veterans, retired soldiers, Shenyang people, etc

Braving the snow in the martyrs' cemetery to wait for the hero to return home

Detail seven

A 72-year-old man in Guangzhou rushed to Shenyang to pick up the martyrs and go home

In order to pick up the martyrs of the volunteers in South Korea and go home

72-year-old Chen Dezhi arrived from Guangzhou

Shenyang Martyrs' Cemetery to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea

Chen Dezhi was 9 months old

His father, Chen Daoyou, died on the battlefield to resist US aggression and aid Korea

With the help of experts

I painted a portrait of my father

But I have a long-cherished wish in my heart

He deliberately took this portrait with him

Pick up my father's comrades-in-arms and go home

Detail eight

Shenyang lit up the big screen of the whole city to welcome the heroes home

Many display screens on the streets of Shenyang City are lit

Welcome the heroes home


The soul of loyalty is not lost, and the spirit of heroism lasts forever

The soul returns to its hometown and pays tribute to the heroes

China News Network (Liu Xu, Gong Xu, Li Chun, Chang Xinyu), comprehensive CCTV news, etc

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