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After facing a boycott campaign from major companies that were displaying their ads on his platform, Elon Musk, the owner of the X platform (formerly Twitter), seems to have decided to appease those who angered him, accusing him of promoting anti-Semitism.

Musk sparked a wave of controversy because of a tweet that many considered anti-Semitic, so that famous major companies including Apple, Disney and Adobe announced the temporary suspension of their ads on his platform in response to his comment, in addition to 27 US senators who accused him of profiting from anti-Israel propaganda.

The American billionaire's new stance is his announcement on Tuesday that Xcorp will donate all advertising revenue and subscriptions related to the war on the Gaza Strip to hospitals in Israel and the Red Cross or Red Crescent in Gaza.

He said his company would follow how money is spent and passed through the cross or the Red Crescent, and "we should care about innocent people regardless of race, creed, religion or anything else."

Laughing at Arabs
The American billionaire's announcement of donations to hospitals in Israel and the Red Cross in Gaza sparked mixed reactions on social media platforms, some of which were monitored today's episode (2023/11/22) of the program "Shabakat".

Ahmed Abdel Wahab commented on the announcement by saying, "Elon Musk laughed at the Arabs, donated a tweet to Palestinian hospitals and donated billions of dollars to hospitals in Israel."

Rowan called for a boycott of the X platform, writing, "Anyone who boycotts McDonald's and Starbucks under the pretext of their support for Israel should boycott the X platform after the announcement that owner Elon Musk had donated advertising proceeds to Israeli hospitals."

"I don't understand. Does it mean that Elon Musk is making equality, for example? to satisfy both parties?"

Faisal said that Elon Musk has donated to hospitals in Israel and Gaza as well, and is trying to ease the pressure on him, which is the same opinion of Samar, who tweeted, "Elon Musk... He held the stick from the middle, and let everyone express their opinion through his platform X. Then donate to both parties. the oppressor and the oppressed."

The American billionaire did not disclose the estimated amount to be donated, nor did he understand what was meant by war-related advertising and subscriptions. Annual advertising revenue was $5 billion before Musk bought Twitter.

But these revenues have recently fallen by about 55% over the past year, amid expectations that this decline will continue in the future, according to technology site TechCrunch.

As for subscriptions on the platform that a subscriber pays monthly on X-Blue, for example, the platform did not earn more than $ 11 million during the first three months of its launch.

Source : Al Jazeera