The National Police arrested ten young people yesterday morning in Villaverde, three of them minors, during a brawl between members of Latin gangs that occurred on Emilia Ballester Street, near a nightclub. In the scuffle, three of those involved were slightly injured and officers seized several bladed weapons and machetes.

The fight took place next to a nightclub on Emilia Ballester Street, next to Paseo Alberto Palacios. The neighbors were startled by the noise of the brawl between the young people who beat each other with belts, bottles and machetes.

Agents from the Usera-Villaverde police station and the Citizen Attention Group (GAC) went to the area and arrested a dozen of those involved and seized three machetes.

Emergency services treated three of those involved with cuts and bruises.

Investigations are carried out by the Intelligence Brigade's agents specializing in Latino gangs. Witnesses claim that those involved are Trinidadians and DDP.

This is the second brawl in two weeks in that enclave of Villaverde. The previous weekend, two other young people were arrested and a machete was seized at around 06:00 on Saturday, November 11. According to neighbors, a gunshot was heard, although the police did not find any firearms in the area.

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