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AirPods 2 deliver an immersive audio experience with 3D surround sound and spatial sound. Right now for Black Friday Cdiscount, Apple's connected headphones are at the best price.


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Treat yourself to a great listening experience thanks to the AirPods 2 whose price goes from 159 euros to 115 euros at Cdiscount. Apple's smart headphones deliver high-quality sound. Immerse yourself in your music and hear all the notes of your favorite tracks. The AirPods 2 feature the H1 chip that ensures a stable and fast wireless connection. You can watch videos or play games without the sound being out of sync. Apple's smart earbuds feature acoustic design and ambient noise reduction. In addition to music, listen to your podcasts or audiobooks with rich, detailed sound. Make clear, crystal clear calls through built-in microphones that filter out wind and background noise. When you fall in love with the AirPods 2, you get the best listening experience. Apple's smart earbuds boast a sleek and polished design with clean white lines.

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Enjoy 3D surround audio with the AirPods 2 on sale for Black Friday Cdiscount

AirPods 2 have an impressive battery life that allows you to enjoy your music and conversations for hours on end. Apple's smart earbuds offer up to 5 hours of listening time and up to 3 hours of talk time on a single charge. The included charging case extends this battery life up to 24 hours in total. Never run out of energy and listen to your music everywhere! The LED light shows how much battery money is left on AirPods 2. The case can recover up to 3 hours of listening time and up to 2 hours of talk time in just 15 minutes. Apple smart headphones have been designed with quality materials that ensure increased strength and durability. 3D surround sound puts you right in the middle of the action, and spatial sound adapts to the position of your head. AirPods 2 turn on and off automatically when you place them on your ears.

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