Safadi: Israel's war on Gaza "is not self-defense, but blatant aggression" (Reuters)

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that preventing the entry of food, medicine and fuel in the Gaza Strip is a war crime, stressing that Jordan "will do everything necessary" to prevent the displacement of Palestinians.

During the Manama Security Dialogue summit in Bahrain, Safadi said, "We will never allow this (the displacement of Palestinians) to happen, it is a war crime and it will be a direct threat to our national security."

"I don't understand how Israel can achieve its goal of destroying" Hamas.

The Jordanian minister said Israel's war on Gaza was "not self-defence, but blatant aggression."

"Nothing can justify the war in Gaza, and it does not bring security to Israel," he said.

The Israeli aggression on Gaza has displaced more than one million and 650,2 people inside the Strip out of a total population of 2.<> million.

The Israeli war on Gaza has left more than 11,500 martyrs – including 4710,3160 children and 29,800 women – as well as 70,<> wounded, <>% of them children and women, according to official Palestinian sources.

Source : Al Jazeera