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A group of PSOE deputies suffered an egg throw this morning when they left the perimeter of Congress to have breakfast in a bar. One of the eggs has impacted the socialist deputy for Teruel Herminio Sancho, who was a protagonist in the investiture of Alberto Núñez Feijóo after voting 'yes' by mistake to the candidate of the Popular Party.

As EL MUNDO has learned, Sancho was accompanied by other PSOE deputies when they were recognized by a group of people opposed to the investiture of Pedro Sánchez. The deputies have been reprimanded and have suffered the throwing of eggs, which have ended up impacting at least the deputy for Teruel, a cattle rancher and mayor of the small municipality of Mezquita de Jarque.

After receiving the 'eggs', the National Police intervened to escort the deputies and accompany them to Congress. The deputies have denounced what happened and the police are already investigating the altercation, which has taken place in the midst of a very strong security device, with more than 1,500 agents deployed in the surroundings of the Congress to avoid incidents.

During the first day of the investiture debate, dozens of people demonstrated in Neptune Square, near the Congress, without incident. Subsequently, the rally moved again for the 13th consecutive night to the vicinity of Ferraz Street, where the headquarters of the PSOE are located. The night ended with police charges and 15 arrests.

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