CCTV News (News Network): Since the beginning of this year, all localities have deeply promoted the strategy of storing grain on the ground and storing grain in technology, overcome the impact of natural disasters such as floods and droughts, grasped agricultural disaster prevention and mitigation with one hand, and stabilized the area with the other hand, and increased the yield per unit of grain with the other, and the national grain supply guarantee capacity has been further improved.

At present, the progress of the autumn harvest in the country has passed ninety and a half. From the Northeast Plain to the Central Plains, from the southwest mountains to the land of fish and rice, autumn grain is being collected and stored in warehouses one after another.

This year, China's grain production has overcome the impact of disasters such as the rare "bad rain" in the Huanghuai region, the severe floods in North and Northeast China, and the local drought in the northwest, and the summer grain output has reached 2922.6 billion catties, the second highest in history. The output of early rice reached 566.7 billion catties, an increase of 4 million catties, and the output increased for four consecutive years. It is a foregone conclusion that China's autumn grain output will increase, and the annual grain output is expected to hit a record high, remaining above 3.9 trillion catties for nine consecutive years.

Behind the hard-won bumper harvest is a series of solid measures to focus on agriculture and grasp grain and consolidate the foundation, which have been continuously introduced and deepened.

The facilities and equipment conditions continued to improve, and from January to August, the country completed the construction of 1.8 million mu of high-standard farmland. This year, the Ministry of Water Resources has allocated an investment of 4470.388 billion yuan to support the construction and renovation of 598 large and medium-sized irrigation areas, an increase of 7 percentage points over last year. Breakthroughs have been made in making up for the shortcomings of agricultural machinery and equipment, 320-horsepower continuously variable speed tractors and electrically driven precision seeders have been successfully mass-produced and applied, and products such as regenerative rice harvesters and rapeseed transplanters have basically matured. In the hilly areas of southern China, the use rate of small agricultural machinery is rising. In Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, 106% of the 70.1200 million mu of late rice is planted in hilly areas, and more than 82,8 lightweight tracked small agricultural machinery have been invested in harvesting this year, increasing the yield of small hillsides and terraced fields to <>%, an increase of <> percentage points compared with last year.

Behind the hard-won bumper harvest, the country launched the large-scale yield improvement action of major grain and oil crops for the first time this year, focusing on corn, soybean and other crops with great potential for yield improvement. It is estimated that the increase in yield in 300 key counties has contributed 73% to the bumper grain harvest, effectively hedging the impact of floods, droughts and other disasters on grain production.

This year, the central government has implemented the full coverage of the wheat subsidy of "one spray and three preventions", started the implementation of the subsidy for intensive seedling raising of early rice in the south, expanded the scope of implementation of rice, wheat and corn full cost insurance and planting income insurance, and the state has continued to raise the minimum purchase price of wheat, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of farmers in production.

At present, the national autumn grain harvest and the sowing of winter wheat and winter rape have entered the final stage. In the vast fields, hundreds of millions of peasants are working hard to write a new picture of a bumper harvest. (CCTV)