Anna-Greta and Ester. That's what it says on the two old paper boxes where two older wedding dresses and a matching slip dress were found. It was when staff from LJ Fastigheter were cleaning up their properties, among gadgets with unknown owners, that the garments were found in an attic in the so-called Tibellhuset in central Arvika.

"It's a shame to have to throw away something so beautiful, something that is surely a beautiful memory for someone. That's why we want to try to find an owner or a relative of the owner," says Sanna Danielsson, an economist at the real estate company.

She has posted a post on social media that is widely shared and she feels that the commitment in the community is great for the dresses to find their way home.

In the clip, you can see the dresses and hear Sanna tell us more about the hunt for the owners.