It was early in the morning on August 17 that the fire alarms came in one by one.

A man in his 20s was charged on suspicion of arson and aggravated vandalism. He had photographs of the fires on his mobile phone, but has always denied any wrongdoing.

Acquitted of arson

Haparanda District Court has now cleared him of the charges. They argue that it cannot be considered beyond reasonable doubt that he set the fires.

"His explanation that he was out walking at night because he could not sleep cannot be disregarded and does not in itself show that he is the perpetrator," the judgment reads.

Explicit death threats

However, the man is convicted of having had a knife on him when he was arrested and having threatened a prison employee who was distributing food. The threats are said to have been that the man would injure and kill the man and his family.

The sanction for this will be probation and that the man must undergo interventions with the Probation Service.