The Ukrainian military, which continues its counteroffensive to retake territory, has announced that it has attacked and damaged a small landing ship of the Russian Navy in southern Crimea, which Russia unilaterally annexed. On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to have inspected the headquarters of the Russian army near eastern Ukraine and personally instructed the operation.

The Ukrainian Air Force announced on the 10th that it shot down five drones and one missile launched by Russian forces over the eastern Kharkiv Oblast, the central Poltava Oblast, and the southern Mykolaiv Oblast.

In addition, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced on the 5th that it conducted an operation in southern Crimea, which Russia unilaterally annexed, and damaged a small amphibious landing ship of the Russian Navy's Black Sea Fleet.

In Crimea, the Ukrainian army attacked a shipyard with missiles on the 1th of this month, damaging one Russian Navy ship, and the Ukrainian side continues to attack with the aim of recapturing Crimea.

On the 10th, President Zelensky posted on SNS that he had received a report from the local commander on the situation on the front lines such as the east and south, where fierce fighting continues, and announced that he would strengthen air defense capabilities and electronic warfare in the southern Kherson Oblast.

On the other hand, the Russian President's Office announced on the 4th that President Putin inspected the military headquarters in Rostov Oblast in southern Russia, which borders eastern Ukraine. Defense Minister Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Gerasimov accompanied him and received an explanation of the battle situation and equipment, so it seems that the president personally instructed the operation in the east.

On the 1th, Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian president's office, said, "Ukraine should understand that victory cannot be achieved on the battlefield," emphasizing that there is no change in the stance of continuing the military invasion.