The new political government in Mörbylånga was presented on Wednesday afternoon. The Social Democrats are breaking off cooperation with the Centre Party and the Left Party, and forming a new government with the Moderate Party.

The decision has created divisions among the Social Democrats.

"I'm extremely upset. I didn't think it was possible for the Social Democrats to govern together with the Moderates, Margaretha Lööf-Johansson (S).

Margaretha Lööf-Johansson, who has been a member of the party for over twenty years, is now leaving the party completely. She has held several positions in politics. Until now, she has been the secretary of the Social Democrats' local branch in Mörbylånga – but now that is over.

"I don't want to be associated with a party that works with the Sweden Democrats. That is why I am resigning from all my assignments in the party, says Margaretha Lööf-Johansson (S).

"Can't look them in the eye"

Social Democratic politician Mattias Nilsson has also chosen to leave his assignments.

"I can't stand up for this decision morally and ideologically. I have a trade union background as chairman of Kommunal on Öland where we just a few days ago made a demonstration against the whistleblowing law and it does not rhyme with the Moderate Party's policy. I won't be able to look those I meet daily in the eye with a clear conscience otherwise. It's really sad. I don't close any doors for politics in the future, he writes in an email to SVT Nyheter Småland.

In addition to these two Social Democrats, Fredrik Jämtin is also leaving his assignments.