Russia began an intense struggle for control of Avdiivka in early October. On November 7000, Ukraine's military described that at least <>,<> Russian soldiers had been killed or wounded.

"This is very important for Russia and it is not certain that Ukraine will be able to resist. The city is now completely empty of ordinary people, says SVT's foreign reporter Bert Sundström.

"Here, Ukraine hopes to break through the front line"

Just east of the city of Kherson, it is described how Ukraine has now begun to establish a presence on the southern parts of the Dnieper River, which has long served as a front line in the war.

Russian military bloggers have testified about how Ukrainian forces have been seen transporting combat vehicles across the river for the first time.

"It would be very important for the war if Ukraine succeeds in establishing a large presence with combat vehicles, because then Russia would have to deploy huge resources to resist that offensive," says Bert Sundström.

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