• PSOE García-Page anticipates that it will appeal Sánchez's concessions to Puigdemont: "We are not going to allow it"
  • Protests vandalized several venues, including the one in Brussels, with messages of "traitors" and "Sánchez Judas"

The PP believes that the amnesty is "the absolute surrender of the State for socialism to the independence movement". "It is the absolute cession to a criminal on the run from justice and his blackmail", just because "he has the seven votes that Pedro Sánchez needs". This was said by Cuca Gamarra, general secretary of the 'popular' party, after the emergency Steering Committee convened by Feijóo to analyse the pact between PSOE and Junts.

At a press conference in Genoa, he singled out the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, because he speaks against amnesty but does not rebel with facts. On Friday, Page said that "if there is an appeal to be made, I will do it; If we have to put up a fight, we will do it."

And to that Gamarra replied as follows: "We tell him that this is the time to fight. The day after tomorrow it will be too late." For the 'number two' of the PP, if the baron from Castilla-La Mancha "does not put up a fight when he can do it, he will be as responsible as Sánchez".

"Stop using empty words", he added, and "take a step forward, because Spanish society will thank you". The PP wants Page to try to get the eight socialist deputies in his community to vote against the amnesty, but sources in the Junta rule it out completely, also pointing out that they were not chosen by Page.

In addition, the PP has turned so much to the Canary Islands Coalition, its government partner on the islands, that it has closed a pact with the PSOE to support the investiture of Pedro Sánchez. Despite the fact that Gamarra believes that "the whitewashing of these agreements affects all those who are going to support this investiture", he did not want to criticise the Canarian nationalists: "They will be the ones who will have to give their explanations to their voters". "This does not have to affect a well-functioning coalition government under any circumstances."

And the PP believes that supporting the investiture is "assuming that Spain does not have a democracy and is assuming that there has been a dirty war by the judges against the pro-independence supporters, and that justice must be controlled", according to Gamarra.

Gamarra also criticised the PNV's agreement with Pedro Sánchez. "He has long linked his future to the PSOE and populism. He will have to give an account of this to his voters. I don't think they voted for him to bet on this economic drift in the Basque Country."

In addition, PP sources say that Genoa is already considering appealing to the Constitutional Court against the transfer of Social Security powers to the Basque Country, due to the possible unconstitutionality of the rupture of the single fund.

"It is one more red line that Pedro Sánchez has crossed and it is the rupture of equality also for Spaniards, in terms of the sustainability of the pension system," said Gamarra. "It is breaking a framework of solidarity that guarantees access to a pension in the present, not in the future," he added. "The PP will be very attentive to all these agreements," he said.

For the secretary general of the PP, the pro-independence supporters "are going to get amnesty and the recognition that in our country there is a dirty judicial war" and that will be taken to court when it is substantiated. "They assume that judges are politically motivated. Also that there are international mediators and debt forgiveness without a constitutional basis," Gamarra added.

Although the most striking thing for the PP is that the PSOE "assimilates the story of the independentists" about the 'procés', which seems to them "a pure invention". Gamarra stressed that "all" the judicial associations have pointed out that this agreement erodes the rule of law and privileges "an unpunished political caste". And on top of that, "this caste is going to judge" the judges, he complained.

That is why he has appealed "to all outraged citizens". "To all those who want to raise their voices, we call on you to participate in the rallies on Sunday the 12th at 12 noon."

In this sense, Gamarra has come to doubt that there is a full democracy in Spain: "We are going to work for there to be a full democracy," he said. Later, PP sources have clarified that "it can be improved". "We have entered a very dangerous path," Gamarra concluded.

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