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"Do you know what tenderness is?" asks Belén Rueda to little Julia, under the gaze of chef Pepa Muñoz, while they prepare the best possible surprise to say thank you in a very special way. Julia is a nine-year-old girl with a congenital heart defect who wants to thank those who are by her side every day and put their heart, strength and courage to keep going.

Like her, every day in Spain 10 babies are born with congenital heart disease who have to live with a diagnosis that will accompany them throughout their lives, and for which they need real and effective support. Behind each of them is a family that looks to the future with strength and optimism.

Their true story is the focus of the campaign that El Pozo Alimentación, through ElPozo Extratiernos, has launched together with the Menudos Corazones Foundation. Both come together again to support and give visibility to congenital heart disease, the most common pathology of birth in Spain, and to the situation that children with heart problems and their families face every day.

The brand wants to take advantage of the presence it has in Spanish homes – it is in eight out of ten – so that this reality that 4,000 families go through every year in Spain can be known with 'The most tender gratitude', a moving and supportive initiative, framed in the social programme 'Todos a la Mesa', by ElPozo ExtraTiernos, and which aims to raise funds for the Foundation, which this year is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

This time the focus has been on those who are an indispensable support, those who care and do the impossible to always remain strong: their families. ElPozo Extratiernos pays a special tribute to these unsung heroes, in this case, to their parents, Ana and Jaime, and Julia's older brother, as well as to all the loved ones and people close to them who do not give up and give them all their energy to keep going.

Spontaneously and through a hidden camera, little Julia becomes an unexpected chef who decides to please her family, and she does so by cooking her favorite dishes with the company of ElPozo Extratiernos and the help of chef Pepa Muñoz, in her restaurant 'El Qüenco de Pepa', in Madrid. They are joined by Belén Rueda, brand ambassador and honorary president of the Menudos Corazones Foundation, who, between tender dialogues and laughter, will prepare the menu with which they will give the best surprise to their parents. From this action, the food becomes a sign of love, a gift of affection, tenderness and gratitude.

The campaign focuses on a spot and audiovisual pills that offer Julia's most sincere testimony around a personal story that create the leitmotif of this action. A percentage of the ElPozo Extratiernos products, sold during the campaign period, until November 12, will go to the Menudos Corazones Foundation, which is dedicated to helping children with congenital heart disease and their families, inside and outside the hospital, and to develop psychosocial programs and activities to improve their lives.

This solidarity action is presented on the occasion of a broader campaign, 'The tenderest gratitude in the world', by ElPozo Extratiernos, which, over the next few weeks, will be running on social networks and television. The online action will be amplified by a chain of thanks that will also be carried out by three influencers with real stories to their respective families for being by their side in difficult and special moments.

The campaign is completed on television and in the mainstream media with a spot starring Belén Rueda: 'The most tender place in the world', which is based on the insight that it is around a table where, no matter what happens, tenderness makes its way in the form of gestures and good food.

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