Robert Gustafsson as Sickan (sorry, Charles Ingvar Jönsson), Anders Jansson as Dynamite Harry, Jonas Karlsson as Vanheden and Jennie Silfverhjelm as Doris.

The new film about the Jönsson gang has started to be filmed. One of the intended filming locations was the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm, but in August it became clear that the ceiling was in danger of collapsing and a new filming location needed to be found quickly.

140 extras and a long Saturday

The fact that the production company got in touch with Region Uppsala, among others, for help in finding extras has to do with a simple thing – a mailing list filled with local film workers and film lovers who usually show up on similar occasions.

So how much money has the region spent on this hunt?

"We haven't contributed any money at all, this has only been about our network of contacts," says Louise Bown, business developer at Region Uppsala.

On Saturday between 16 pm and 02 am, the film crew and actors, together with 140 local extras, will shoot in Uppsala.

"We were able to fill the seats almost immediately," says Louise Bown, who says that the interest was enormous.

In the clip: "Filming goes on until 02 a.m." – hear Louise Bown about the recording.