On June 5 this year, the house, dating back to the 1800s, burned to the ground, in the middle of central Ronneby.

According to the investigation, the fire started in a green rubbish bin that had been placed along the wall of the house. At the bottom of the container, two cigarette butts of the same brand as the suspect had in his jacket pocket were found.

The same man is believed to have started several fires in the days before the incident, including at a nursing home, a public toilet and at Bergåsa train station in Karlskrona.

"Do it, light it up"

The man claims in interrogation that he heard voices telling him to turn it on. "Do it, do that, do that, turn it on. No, no, go away," the man recounts. He also says that schizophrenia runs in the family and that he has tried to get psychiatric care several times.

Several witnesses have seen the man sleeping on park benches and the owner of the pizzeria in the burned down house states that he has given the man free food several days in a row.

The man is being prosecuted at Blekinge District Court on suspicion of aggravated arson and four counts of damage by fire.

Watch the clip to hear more from the police's preliminary investigation protocol