Esrange is in an expansive phase, not least in view of the launches of satellites that will start in 2024.

Charlotta Sund, newly appointed CEO of the space company SSC, runs the base and will have a lot to deal with. But she can't give a number when it comes to the need for more staff.

"But it's fantastic to lead a company in an industry that's actually growing," says Sund.

Compete for staff

There are 50 people who will work in the new city office, but there is room for 70.

Esrange will have to compete for staff with a number of other businesses in Kiruna that also have a shortage of people. The idea is that the new workplace should be a competitive advantage.

No need to commute by bus

For the existing staff, the office means that they may not have to make the bus trip to the 37-kilometre space base every working day.

Site manager Lennart Poromaa has been commuting the route for 35 years and would certainly make up for a decent space trip if he added up the number of miles traveled.

"But it's always been a pleasure," he says.

In the clip, we take a closer look at what it looks like when space moves into Kiruna city center.