Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman condemned the Israeli military aggression and targeting of civilians in the Gaza Strip, and violations of international humanitarian law by the Israeli army.

In a speech to the Saudi-African summit held in Riyadh, the Saudi crown prince stressed the need to stop the bombing and forced displacement of Palestinians in Gaza.

The call comes ahead of an emergency Arab summit on Saturday in Riyadh, which is chaired by Saudi Arabia, to discuss Israel's aggression on Gaza.

For 35 days, the Israeli occupation army has been waging a devastating war on Gaza during which it "destroyed residential neighborhoods on the heads of their inhabitants", causing the death of more than 11,4412 Palestinians, including 2918,26 children and 163,2280 women, and injuring more than <>,<>, <> Palestinians were killed, and <>,<> were arrested in the West Bank, according to official sources.