Saed Altatari, 42, went to Gaza to visit his family and relatives. His wife and their three children were already in Gaza to spend time with the family and the plan was to go home to Sweden again a few days later when Saed only had a week off from work.

But the war broke out a day after Saed's arrival and now they can't get out. Now Saed, his wife and their three children are in Khan Yunis with a relative.

"I don't want to stay here another second, I want to get out of here now. I want to go back to my life in Sweden," says Saed.

"Meat from people everywhere"

He describes what he has seen on the streets of Gaza as terrible.

"Everything is chaos and there is human flesh everywhere. I don't feel good at all, it's the first time I've seen things like that. I don't dare to go out," he says.

He describes the food situation in Khan Yunis as catastrophic.

"There is no food, today I stood in line for eight hours to be able to buy some bread for the family and we only get a little water every four days," he says.

Lost several family members

Several of Saed's family members died last week and Saed did not have time to see them before a rocket hit their apartment.

"My mother, my sister, my brother and his wife died. Now they're all gone and I didn't have time to see them.

Saed's father was also injured in the attack, but

"He's doing okay now, but he's been very lucky to be alive.

Danger to life to go to Rafah

Saed has made his way to the Rafah crossing with Egypt four times to try to get out of Gaza.

"It was life-threatening to go there. They shoot rockets everywhere, but I had to turn around and get back," he says.

Saed says that he has been in contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that they have said that they will contact him when they have more information.

"I'm waiting. I find it strange that other countries are sending their citizens home, but we will have to wait. I don't get it.