The Swedish Pensions Agency has made a decision that a pensioner from Södertälje must pay back SEK 369,876. This is because the person has had too much guarantee pension since 2013.

In September, the authority received information from the Turkish government that the pensioner had also received a pension from the Turkish government. Therefore, the person's pension has been recalculated retrospectively and must repay the amount starting in November.

The pensioner and his son have expressed themselves in a letter and said that they had no idea that they had a guaranteed pension from Turkey. However, this is not something the Swedish Pensions Agency takes into account.

The pensioner claims that they do not have a bank account in Turkey. Whereupon it has been impossible to receive any money.

The pensioner lives on the poverty line, according to the person himself. And therefore claims that they have no way of repaying the amount.