The building consists of two floors. In the upper part there are new changing rooms, theory rooms, offices and a cafeteria.

In the lower part, which is the horses' home, there is a new tack room and, not least, 34 new boxes for the four-legged.

Will become more members

Örebro Municipality owns the facility and has made the investment. But it is rented and operated by Örebro Fältrittklubb.

In addition to the fact that the municipality wants to develop Karlslund as an area, the purpose of the new construction is that more children and young people will be able to take part in horses and riding in their spare time.

"Thanks to this investment, we can grow in numbers. We have gone from 700 riders to 950 a week. We expect to reach 1,000.

Although the stable building is now complete, there will be more renovations in the area. A work that will be completely completed next summer.

In the clip, Ella Emilsson, 14, and Matilda Eid Forest, 15, talk about what has been the biggest boost with the new building and Lotta Hillbom tells us more about its importance for the association.