In October, the store "Det goda bruket" in Matfors outside Sundsvall was subjected to a brazen fraud. A couple came in and bought large amounts of furnishings and paid with Swish. Or so they thought.

"You get tired and a bit 'dull in the coat'," says shop owner Åsa Dalberg after it was later discovered that the couple had used a fake coat.

The app looks like the original, she says, and you can't see through it unless you check the bank account and that the transfer has gone in.

The incident has been reported to the police and there are images from surveillance cameras in the store.

Must check the account

The company behind Swish writes on their website that they are actively working to stop the opportunities for fraud and fraud attempts:

"We are also in dialogue with banks, the police and the Swedish Trade Federation regarding these fraud attempts. We are also looking at the possibility of further improving the functionality of the confirmation view to counteract this type of fraud."

"It's tragic for Swish as a company. I'm sure they're doing a lot already, but somewhere you might have to do even more, says Åsa, who has now stopped payments with Swish in her store.

See how the fraudsters went about stealing furnishings and more for thousands of dollars. "How cheap," the woman is said to have said at the checkout, says store owner Åsa Dalberg.