The children were taken into custody according to LVU after the school raised the alarm about violence in the home. During interrogation, both children said that their mother had beaten them.

After being taken into care, the mother became active in an LVU campaign against social services in Sweden. And side by side stood Moderate politician Eva Alriksson and described herself as "an extra mother".

Described the boy as imaginative

The mother was charged with assault and Alriksson testified in court. The Gällivare politician described the mother as "soft" and said that she could not have hit the children.

The boy, who testified that his mother beat him, described Alriksson as "imaginative".

Fronted the demonstration

Eva Alriksson was also a driving force in the LVU campaign against the social services in Gällivare. At the demonstration outside the town hall, she was the one holding the megaphone.

But a month after the demonstration, the district court convicted the mother of assault and now the politician is pausing his assignments.

In the clip, you can hear SVT reach Eva Alriksson for a comment.

Frohm (M) on the timeout: "Wise decision"

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Listen to Linda Frohm (M), president of the association in Norrbotten, about Alriksson's timeout. Photo: Filip Hannu/SVT