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A three-quarter-hour film made by Israeli authorities of the October 7 massacres committed by Hamas in Israel will be shown in the National Assembly on Tuesday. The 120 MEPs who are members of the France-Israel friendship group will be able to view it.

Images of the massacres committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7 on Israeli territory will be shown on Tuesday in the National Assembly, announced Renaissance MK Mathieu Lefèvre, who initiated the initiative. The broadcast, which will take place in a projection room of the Palais Bourbon, is proposed to the 120 deputies members of the France-Israel friendship group, said to AFP its president Mathieu Lefèvre, confirming information from Le Figaro. Senator Roger Karoutchi (Les Républicains), chairman of the Israel Friendship Group in the upper chamber, told AFP that he too wanted to organise a broadcast.

"It is legitimate for parliamentarians to have access to it"

It is a film of about three-quarters of an hour, made by the Israeli authorities from excerpts from the cameras and phones of Hamas fighters, killed or taken prisoner, and images captured by victims and rescue workers. It shows unfiltered images of the killings and tortured corpses of adults and children. Israel has already disseminated these images to several countries abroad. They were screened Tuesday in Paris to about fifty journalists by the country's embassy in France, which said it wanted to show the media the sometimes questioned reality of the massacre.

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"It seems legitimate to me that parliamentarians should also have access to it," said Mathieu Lefèvre, explaining that he had contacted the Israeli embassy to organise a screening at the Assembly. "Obviously, telephones will be banned and there will be no collaborators," only deputies, he said, without knowing at this stage how many elected officials would want to watch the film, described as unbearable by those who have seen it. "It is important to be able to continue to testify, the news in the current era is often unfortunately quite quickly swept away and we must be able to continue to bear witness to the unspeakable, nothing would be worse than oblivion," pleaded Mathieu Lefèvre.

Images of the killings on the kibbutzim or at the music festival

Among the images in the film are of gunmen killing civilians, including in Kibbutz Beeri, where 85 people were killed and 26 taken hostage. Others show Hamas members mowing down youths fleeing a music festival where more than 270 people died.

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More than 1,400 people, including more than 1,100 civilians, have been killed by Hamas since October 7 on the Israeli side, mostly civilians, and at least 240 people have been taken hostage, according to Israeli authorities. In retaliation, Israel declared a war to "eradicate" Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which is in the hands of the Islamist movement. Israeli shelling killed 10,812 people, mostly civilians, including 4,412 children, according to Hamas' Health Ministry.