The region is now urging the people of Östergötland not to visit relatives in nursing homes at the slightest symptom.

At the same time, Father's Day will be celebrated

Here's what Sara and Faisal think about COVID-19 and celebrating their loved ones in the video above.

"Anyone who has symptoms should avoid meeting other people, especially not visiting a relative in a nursing home," says infectious disease doctor Britt Åkerlind.

The spread of COVID-19 is increasing in Östergötland

The region's call to get vaccinated is strong for the groups that are recommended vaccination.

"The number of people who needed inpatient care has increased sharply and many hospital beds in Östergötland are filling up and hospitals are getting crowded," says Britt Åkerlind, infection control doctor.

In addition to the elderly and risk groups, 1177 Östergötland recommends a booster dose of vaccine against covid-19 even for those who are 18-64 years old. It should have been at least 9 months since your last dose.

Who belongs to a medical risk group see