After students went directly to both the principal and teachers and told them about a so-called strangulation game, the school sent out a mass message to all classes via the school platform Vklass.

In the message on Vklass, guardians are encouraged to talk to their children.

"It's important to create good relationships so that the children dare to talk about it," says Jessica Schönberg, principal at Rosenlundsskolan, about the ongoing situation.

Hear the principal tell us more about the risks of the game in the clip

Trending On Tiktok And Instagram

The inspiration for the children's strangulation games is said to have come from social media.

"It's a room that we adults don't have access to in the same way as here in the corridors. What we can do is try to educate the children and talk to them about the dangers that exist there," says principal Jessica Schönberg.

In the past, there have been a number of different types of strangulations on apps such as Tiktok and Instagram.