Friday witnessed the organization of gatherings and vigils condemning the Israeli massacres on the Gaza Strip and in support of the Palestinians, in a number of countries, including Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Japan, America and Canada.

Palestinian TV Al-Fajr broadcast live footage of a march in Tulkarm in support of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and to condemn the Israeli massacres committed against civilians.

Participants in the march chanted slogans calling for national unity and revolution against the occupation.

Demonstrators in the city of Ramallah saluted the steadfastness of the people of Gaza in the face of the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Strip.

The demonstrators demanded an immediate end to the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, the protection of civilians, chanting for the Qassam Brigades and chanting slogans calling for national unity, and condemning the positions in support of Israel and the Arab inability to impose a complete ceasefire.


In Lebanon, thousands of Lebanese and Palestinians held absentee prayers at the Saida Municipal Stadium for the victims of the devastating Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

According to the Anadolu correspondent, thousands of Lebanese and Palestinians flocked to the stadium on Friday at the invitation of Dar al-Fatwa with the slogan "Friday for the sake of Gaza."

All mosques in the city of Sidon closed their doors at Friday prayers and prayers were confined to the municipal stadium at the northern entrance to the city, where the Palestinian flag was raised and a banner reading "Al-Aqsa flood... Lebanon is meeting."

The mother of worshipers, the mufti of Sidon and the southern governorate, Sheikh Salim Sousan, who called during his Friday sermon to "open all crossings" with the Gaza Strip, saying, "The Arab peoples have woken up, so beware of your peoples."
The Grand Mufti saluted the Palestinian resistance, who he said were "writing the most wonderful heroic epics in the Al-Aqsa flood operation in defense of the land and holy sites and on the road to the liberation of Palestine."
Absentee prayers were also performed for the martyrs and missing under the rubble in Gaza.


In Jordan, thousands demonstrated on Friday in the Jordanian capital Amman and a number of governorates in support of the Palestinians, demanding a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

A demonstration began in front of the Grand Husseini Mosque in central the capital after Friday prayers, amid a heavy security presence, AFP journalists reported.

Hundreds also participated in mass demonstrations in the cities of Karak, Irbid and Ma'an, after Friday prayers, to express their support for the resistance and the Palestinians, and to reject the Israeli aggression and the daily massacres committed against children and women.


In Iraq, residents of the western regions of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, condemned the war of aggression waged by the Israeli occupation forces against the population of Gaza.

In a stand in solidarity with Gaza, the demonstrators called on the international community to intervene to stop the Israeli war on civilians, especially children, women and the elderly, and called for a boycott of American goods and the goods of countries that support Israel.


In Qatar, hundreds of worshippers participated after Friday prayers in solidarity with Gaza in the courtyard of the "Mohammed bin Abdul Wahhab" mosque in the capital, Doha, raising flags and expressing their anger at the ongoing aggression on the Strip.

Doha now
A solidarity stand in support of our brothers in #غزة #طوفان_الاقصى #يوم_الجمعة

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In Iran, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Palestine Square, in central Tehran, to express solidarity with Palestine and support for the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), according to the Iranian news agency IRNA.

Videos released by the agency showed protesters at a march organized by the Iranian government, waving the flags of Palestine and Hezbollah.

Ali Fadavi, deputy commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), praised Hamas's fight against Israel, telling supporters: "Let us have faith, and let us be fully prepared when the order is given to use all means against the enemy."


In the Japanese capital, Tokyo, dozens of activists participated, on Friday, in a march in the streets of the Japanese capital, Tokyo, raising banners rejecting the violations and crimes of the Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip, and demanding a ceasefire.


— Protest Rave (@Protest_Rave) November 10, 2023

United States

In America, a number of people protested outside the office of Senator Cory Booker, a U.S. senator in New Jersey, and displayed a long list of Palestinians martyred in Gaza by Israeli forces in the ongoing U.S.-funded genocide.


New Jersey protest outside Senator Cory Booker's district office in Newark, NJ and unroll a long list of names of the Palestinians murdered by Israel in Gaza in its ongoing US-funded genocide. #CeaseFireNow #FreePalestine #AlqudsCapitalofPalestine #FreeGaza #Palestine #EndTheOccupation #Alaqsamosque #aqsa #world #Press #journalism #explore #explorepage #reels #instagram #palestine #gaza #usa #uk #muslim #Ukraine #israel #ksa #accountability #AlJazeera #Justice #humanrights #Journalist #press #Journalism #المسجد_الأقصى #القدس #القدس_عاصمة_فلسطين #future #futuretech #futuretechnology #usa #uk #mci #technology #ocarina #russia #cia #cbc #computer #asian #explorer #tektok #mondial #qatar #urob #china #canada #australia #middle #feast #Palace #thyme #hashbrowns #support #together #voice #dragons #fireworks #share #wegotthis #selflove #sharing #caring #F35 #hive #bees #savethequ #طوفان_الأقصى

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In another video, dozens of protesters, indifferent to security personnel, chanting in support of Palestine and sending a message to Cory Booker, "Shame on you."

A Palestinian girl stormed, on Thursday evening, a restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to tell US Senator and former presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren of the killing of 68 members of her family during the past 3 weeks, as a result of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, and asked her, "How many other people do you want to kill to demand a ceasefire?"

A Palestinian woman who has lost 68 family members in Gaza confronts Senator Warren. She had no answer

We mobilized with Harvard students and others in Cambridge to disrupt @SenWarren at dinner

We will keep disrupting until our politicians listen to us & call for a CEASEFIRE

— Jewish Voice for Peace – Boston (@JVPBoston) November 10, 2023

Jewish activists and students from Harvard and Cambridge also demonstrated in front of the restaurant in support of the Palestinian girl, holding a banner reading "Cease fire" and chanting slogans against Warren and her stance on the war on the Palestinians.

Senator Warren left the restaurant hearing Palestinians, Jews, Harvard students, and Cambridge community members shouting



You must call for a ceasefire now@SenWarren @ewarren @SenMarkey @WhipKClark

— Jewish Voice for Peace – Boston (@JVPBoston) November 10, 2023


In Canada, a number of students and academics demonstrated outside the University of Toronto in the Canadian city of Scarborough, yesterday evening, in support of the people of Gaza and condemn the crimes of the occupation army, which lasted more than a month and killed thousands of civilians.

The demonstrators demanded an immediate ceasefire and an end to Canada's aid to Israel to stop the blockade of Gaza, genocide and ethnic cleansing committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.

University of Toronto at Scarborough WALKS OUT for #Palestine 🇵🇸 , demanding a ceasefire, an end to aid to Israel, an end to the siege on Gaza & to Israel's genocide & ethnic cleansing of Palestinians#ShutItDown4Palestine #CeasefireNOW#FreePalestine #Gaza #UTSC #Toronto

— Javier Dávila #FreePalestine #NoOneIsDisposable (@XjusticeXpeace) November 9, 2023