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Demonstration with supporters of the »Grey Wolves« on Munich's Marienplatz (on 9 October)

Photo: Sachelle Babbar / ZUMA Wire / IMAGO

The Federal Ministry of the Interior is alarmed by increasingly openly expressed anti-Semitism among Turkish right-wing extremists in Germany. For example, representatives of Turkish right-wing extremist umbrella organizations posted and shared posts on social media "supporting Hamas' attacks on Israel, condemning Israel's counterattacks, and criticizing the policies of the German government, for example as complicity in 'the greatest genocide of the 21st century,'" according to the ministry's response to a written question from Bundestag member Sevim Dağdelen.

Activists from the rather loosely organized, nationalist "Ülkücü" movement, also known as the "Grey Wolves," are highly perceptible. This part of the scene also participates in pro-Palestinian demonstrations. The question of banning associations of the »Ülkücü« movement is left open by the ministry of Nancy Faeser (SPD).

Foreign policy expert Dağdelen, who recently left the Left Party and joined the Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance, accuses the traffic light government of being too hesitant. Anyone who is serious about the fight against anti-Semitism must no longer allow the fascist and Islamist organizations of Turkish President Erdoğan to operate in Germany." She accused the German government of showing too much consideration for its NATO partner Turkey.