Despite asserting that the United States and Israel are "full partners in the genocide in the Gaza Strip," American columnist Chris Hedges acknowledged that Washington fears the consequences of Israel's war on Gaza, stressing that the US administration "does not have the ability to influence and deter Israel" because of the power of the Israel lobby in the United States.

He said that prolonging the war in Gaza would lead to regional and local damage to the United States, and it is concerned that things in the region will get out of control, which could lead to conflict with Lebanese Hezbollah or even with Iran.

He also noted that "blind American support for Israel in the last decade is not in the interest of the United States."

However, the American journalist acknowledged that the United States and Israel are "fully involved in perpetuating the war on Gaza," noting that the "humanitarian aid" being talked about is aimed at emptying the northern area of the Gaza Strip of the population being deported to the southern region.

He stressed that the Americans know what Israel wants to do, and said their focus right now is on exerting influence on what Gaza will be after the war.

Despite talking about Washington and Tel Aviv's partnership in the war of extermination in Gaza, Hedges confirmed to Al Jazeera during the daily analytical pause: "Gaza... Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "fully accepts that US President Joe Biden will suffer collateral damage," explaining that if Biden is politically affected during the next presidential election, former President Donald Trump will come, which is what Netanyahu wants.

He recalled that the Israelis had insulted Biden when he was vice president, during a visit to occupied Jerusalem, in which he called for the non-expansion of settlements, and said that the insult was directly in Biden's face.

On the other hand, the American journalist said that things in Gaza are not going as he says and the Israelis hope that they killed more than 40 journalists in the Gaza Strip, in addition to cutting off the Internet and communications to cover the massacres that are happening there, stressing that the time period they set to carry out their mission (which is weeks or months) indicates that they were shocked by strong resistance more than they expected.

The decisive battle did not begin

Regarding what the New York Times quoted current and former US officials as saying that the Netanyahu government has limited time to complete the implementation of its missions in Gaza, the military and strategic expert, Major General Fayez al-Duwairi, said that despite the Israeli incursion into some areas of the Gaza Strip, the decisive battle has not yet begun.

He said that the Israelis used all kinds of criminality and all their capabilities, but they were unable to achieve their declared goals and the Americans, which are the elimination of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the absence of any future role for it in the Palestinian arena.

Al-Duwairi explained that the occupation has not yet entered into the decisive battle, and that its means, capabilities and mechanisms have not risen to the level of achieving the military goal, which is to disarm Hamas.

He added that Hamas is "an idea and a principle of ideology that cannot be eliminated," and even if that happens, factions will emerge from it and will be more determined to demand the realization of the right.