A large group of Malaga residents (about 500 people) gathered in the vicinity of the Subdelegation of the Government of Malaga to receive the acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who was meeting this afternoon with the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. They greeted him with a monumental whistle on his arrival, followed by proclamations such as "Spain is not for sale". The atmosphere heated up for a few moments with the arrival of a group of ultras.

In addition to the insults to Sánchez, journalists and even the King were also the object of the insults. Demonstrators also chanted chants encouraging police officers to join the protest: "Police, defend your nation."

Mostly dressed in Spanish flags, some with whistles and pots and pans, those summoned became tense every time there was movement of cars at the door of the Subdelegation - through which Sánchez did not enter - to the point that the Police prepared themselves with helmets and established a security cordon.

In addition to "long live Spain", "let Txapote vote for you" and "Spain united, it will never be defeated", the people summoned on social networks sent "Pedro Sánchez, to prison".

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