According to IA SakhaNews, on the morning of November 10, the animal attacked a foreman and a mechanic in the area of the Elga field at the 105th km of the BPO.

According to eyewitnesses, the company's employees saw that a pack of dogs was chasing someone, and then saw a bear come out from behind bags of chemicals.

At that moment, a mechanic got out of the car and the bear attacked him. To save the man, the workers used deterrents and fire extinguishers.

After that, the beast also attacked the master. Subsequently, he was driven away, but he did not leave the area. A hunter was called to the scene, who shot the animal.

Both victims were given first aid. A task force and an ambulance were called to the scene.

Earlier it was reported that the bear came out to a school in the village of Agzu, Primorsky Krai, due to the threat to residents, he had to be shot.