The father of a Colombian player who belongs to Liverpool, a strong team in the English Premier League, was kidnapped by left-wing guerrillas, and his whereabouts were worried, but on the 9th, about two weeks later, he was released safely, and there are many congratulatory voices.

The father of Luis Diaz, a Colombian international who belongs to Liverpool in the English Premier League, was kidnapped by an armed group in northern Colombia at the end of October and went missing.

The Colombian government was negotiating for liberation under the mediation of the United Nations and other mediation as a group belonging to the left-wing guerrilla ELN = National Liberation Army was kidnapped.

Then, about two weeks after the incident, he was released on the 10th, and according to the Colombian government, there is no problem with his health.

Diaz scored a goal in a league match while his father was missing, and he made headlines when he showed off the shirt he wore under his shirt that read, "Free my father."

Liverpool is a strong team that includes Wataru Endo, a member of the Japan national soccer team, and after being released, he posted a message on social media saying, "Thank you to all those involved in the release."