09.00 Three points from the Tidö Agreement

Discussion on three points in the Tidö Agreement: revocation of residence permits, requirements for self-sufficiency for citizenship and conditional assistance. How has research looked at these issues? Organiser: ESO, EBA and Delmi. From 24/10.

10.00 Situational picture of organised crime LIVE

The police will hold a press conference on organised crime and give an overview of the situation from different parts of the organisation and describe the work that is underway

10.45 Swedes and the internet

Sweden's largest survey of our internet habits is presented. From 10/10.

11.40 EU news panel

EU correspondents Andreas Liljeheden, SR, Ulrika Bergsten, SVT, and Wiktor Nummelin, TT, analyze and comment on the latest news from the union. Host: Marcus Carlehed. From 7/11.

12.00 Report

12.03 Wave of violence in Uppsala DIREKT

Uppsala residents will have the opportunity to ask their questions to the police, politicians and social services. Participants include Ulf Kristersson (M) and Gunnar Strömmer (M).

13.03 Debate on stricter rules for family reunification DIREKT

Several topics are being debated in the Riksdag.

15.45 Gang crime in the EU

Gang violence in Sweden has a clear connection to Europe and needs to be combated at EU level. EU parliamentarians Heléne Fritzon (S) and Sara Skyttedal (KD), on how the fight against the gangs will succeed. Host: Marcus Carlehed. From 7/11.

16.00 Report

16.05 Events today

NB! The schedule is subject to change in response to news

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