So far, it mostly looks like a gigantic asphalt surface next to a new port, but at the beginning of December, operations are supposed to be up and running at the Logistics Park in Sundsvall. On Tuesday, the facility was shown to around 80 politicians and senior executives.

Government Railway Investments Key

The logistics park is a 10-hectare area in the Korsta/Tunadal area of Sundsvall, a large area intended for transshipment of goods by rail, sea and road.

A key to the initiative is the railway investments of almost SEK 2 billion that the state has made in recent years.

Built for giant trains

The logistics park is built to handle freight trains up to 750 metres long, but has a capacity for trains up to 1,000 metres long.

When the plant is up and running, Ortviken and the factory will be connected to the Tunadal area and form a half-mile stretch of industry, port, sawmill and transport.

The whole area stretches for 5 kilometers - from Ortviken/Korsta to Tunadal, near the abutment of the Alnö bridge Photo: Map; Logistikparken AB