Monday's fire is one in a series of several fires that have ravaged Perstorp in recent weeks. But Perstorp's municipal police officer Alexandra Norén sees no signs that the fires are connected.

"Previous fires have had similar modus operandi – you set fire to a piece of paper and then it has escalated to garage fires and so on," she says.

And the events of yesterday don't match up with that?

"No, it's a completely different approach.

However, she does not want to elaborate on what kind of approach.

Neighbor's concern

Thomas Johansson lives on the floor above the fire-ravaged apartment. He now wonders what would have happened if the fire brigade had not been able to control the fire so quickly.

In the clip above, Thomas Johansson shows the fire-ravaged staircase.

Due to the recent fires, the police have increased their presence in Perstorp, says Alexandra Norén. This has also led to police drone surveillance of Perstorp – an effort that does not yet seem to have yielded results.

"So far, it hasn't yielded results, but we'll have it up and running as soon as we work in a targeted manner, as we've done in recent weeks. It may prove useful. Unfortunately, it was not running yesterday.

Police want tips

The police are now urging anyone who thinks they know something about both yesterday's events and previous fires in the area to get in touch.

"We have a good intelligence picture of what has happened in Perstorp in recent weeks, but it is difficult to prove it.

The 55-year-old woman who was seriously injured in connection with the fire was taken to hospital by ambulance.