SVT Nyheter Sörmland has previously reported on the strained economic situation in the region. Now the cutbacks continue.

The Regional Executive Board decided to remove five of the 33 pharmacy positions at the Pharmaceutical Centre. The proposal on the table was to eliminate ten pharmacy positions. But the regional board approved a motion from opposition regional councillor Monica Johansson (S) who wanted to mitigate the cuts from ten to five pharmacy positions.

Monica Johansson believes that the main reason for reducing the cut was because too few pharmacists can lead to suffering for patients.

"This is with regard to the elderly and chronically ill who use many medicines. Otherwise, there is a risk that patients may be admitted to hospital because they have the wrong combination of drugs and suffer side effects. This is the job that pharmacists are really good at," she says.

Missing economic analysis

The Regional Executive Board also decided to refer back the proposal to close the satellite clinics, previously called district nurse clinics, in Jönåker, Hälleforsnäs, Sköldinge, Åkers Styckebruk and Bettna in March 2024.

The preparatory work for the proposal did not include an economic analysis of the costs of all satellite receptions. Therefore, the case is referred back – also after a motion by Monica Johansson.

"We wanted to add an overall picture. All costs across all fifteen satellite receptions shall be included. Then it's easier to make a well-informed decision instead of just deciding to look at these five clinics," says Monica Johansson.

A decision to discontinue satellite receptions is expected in December.

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In the clip, SVT's reporter Frida Gunnvald explains what the politicians' savings proposal of almost one billion kronor means. Photo: SVT