Bad weather is the most common cause of outages. The long and unexpected power outages increased by almost a quarter of an hour per electricity customer last year compared to the previous year, according to figures reported to the Energy Markets Inspectorate.

The really long outages – longer than 24 hours – increased from 3,500 electricity customers to 8,400 during the same period. The time they were without power increased from 1.41 minutes to 4.10 minutes. The reason for the increase will be analysed.

"We're not ready to draw conclusions yet. But old reports show that tree strikes are the most common cause of long unannounced outages, says analyst Mahai Seratelius at the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate.

Storm Malik

He suspects that the storm Malik, which passed southern Sweden at the beginning of the year, may be the reason for the increase.

"It caused outages for a lot of customers," he says.

In the clip, you can see how a helicopter with a chainsaw can reduce power outages.