Several Swedish cities have been hit by acts of violence in the past year due to the internal conflict within the Foxtrot gang – for example, the explosion in Ekholmen is linked to the conflict.

SVT Nyheter Öst has previously reported that both the police's personal protection activities and the Swedish Tax Agency are experiencing increased pressure as a result of the wave of violence. Now, several municipalities also testify that more and more people want to leave the criminal life and drop out.

Taking height in Linköping

In Linköping, no effect of the ongoing conflict has yet been noticed. But take into account that there may be even more defection cases in the future.

"To some extent, we see that there is a greater influx into the defector activities and we expect that more people will want to leave organised crime in the future as well," says Tomas Flygare, head of unit at the Social Services Administration in Linköping.

In the clip, Björn Carlstedt, who is a coordinator at the social intervention group in Linköping, tells us more about the drop-out activities.