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The actor Juan José Ballesta has denied this Tuesday before the judge the alleged sexual assault of which he is accused by a woman, whom he claims to know nothing about, and has advanced that he will request the archiving of the criminal proceedings in the face of the contradictions of the victim during her judicial statement.

At nine o'clock in the morning, the popular performer who gave life to the character of El Bola arrived alone at the courts of Parla to appear as a suspect before the magistrate of the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 4 of Parla for events thatwould have occurred last summer.

Minutes later, the defense lawyer, Beatriz Uriarte, entered the courthouse, reiterating her client's innocence. "He's calm, but it's a crime that stigmatises the person a lot and he's nervous about the possible impact on his career," he said.

Juan José Ballesta at the exit of the courthouse on November 7, 2023GTRES

The lawyer has insisted that her client does not know the complainant and denies an alleged friendship. In her statement, the injured party has confirmed that she was the object of a crime of sexual assault by the actor and the other investigated in the case. In addition, he has requested that a restraining order be imposed on them.

The complaint came from the doctors of the psychiatric hospital where the girl was admitted for twelve days after the events, which caused her to decompensate in the paranoid schizophrenia that she has been diagnosed with.

On his way out, Juanjo said he was calm about having the chance to tell "the truth" and maintained that he does not know the victim at all. "I'm certainly very calm because I have nothing to do with all this," he said. His lawyer has stressed that the victim has related different events, so there are already three different versions of what happened that night. In the face of the contradictions, Uriarte will request that the case be archived.


The lawyer for the private prosecution, lawyer Juan Manuel Medina, has presented the court with new incriminating information and witnesses who apparently would have been with the three people involved in the criminal proceedings that night.

Medina has also asked the judge that his client be recognized by a psychiatrist on the occasion of her diagnosis and has requested that a restraining order be imposed on those investigated, an issue that will be resolved by the court in the coming days.

He is also waiting for the recordings from the security cameras of one of the ATMs where the victim and the actor went that night to withdraw money to arrive at the court, if they are still kept.In the summary there are WhatsApp recordings that prove that the victim knew one of the investigated and that this person maintained a friendly relationship with Ballesta by having recorded a conversation between them.

Actor Juan José Ballesta leaving the ParlaGTRES courthouse

In the proceedings, the testimony of the girl is the main evidence against the plaintiff and the other defendant, a valid piece of evidence for the Supreme Court in the event that the story meets the characteristics determined by law.

On his arrival at the court, this lawyer stressed that his client's mental disorder must be taken into account, which complicates his testimony, although he insists that this does not mean that it is not valid.


The 47-year-old alleged victim alleges that the actor and another person sexually assaulted her. The events took place over several days and took place in Parla, the town where the actor resides. According to the complaint, the other suspect held the woman for several days, while Juan José Ballesta allegedly sexually assaulted her in the vicinity of an ATM in Parla.

The defense of the popular actor, exercised by the law firm Ospina Abogados, defends the presumption of innocence of his client by denying having committed any criminal offense and not knowing who the complainant is. The actor's lawyers have detected "deep contradictions" in the case, which they will assert before the judicial authority, so they request caution in the dissemination of information.

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