One month after the start of the clash between the Islamic organization Hamas and Israel, a senior Israeli government official told NHK that "pressure is necessary to proceed with negotiations for the release of hostages," and that the ground invasion of the Gaza Strip and the pressure on Hamas were increased.

Israeli official: 'Pressure is needed to release hostages'

The only person interviewed by NHK was Mark Regeb, a senior adviser to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

In this, Mr. Reggeb reiterated the purpose of the ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, saying, "The goal of the operation is to destroy Hamas and eliminate the threat.

In addition, regarding the fact that more than 240 hostages, including foreigners, are being held in the Gaza Strip, "Negotiations are underway for the release of hostages through third countries, and further pressure is necessary to proceed with negotiations, and for that purpose we are also proceeding with ground operations."

On the other hand, regarding the continuing increase in civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip, Hamas blamed the side for "forcing us to fight a very difficult battle by hiding behind civilians, and we are using the" human shield ' as a tactic.

In addition, regarding the inability of the government and intelligence agencies to detect the Hamas attack on the 7th of last month, which triggered a series of clashes in Israel, and some voices of criticism have been raised, he said, "It is clear that there was a big mistake, and as soon as the ground operation is over, a wide investigation must be carried out, from the military to the government."