Israeli Defense Minister Gallant, who is conducting a ground invasion in the Palestinian Gaza Strip, revealed on the 7th that ground troops have reached the center of Gaza City. Authorities in the Gaza Strip have accused Israel of continuing the attack, claiming that 90,<> people are still in Gaza City and other parts of the country.

Israeli Defense Minister Gallant said on the 7th that "the Israeli army is in the center of Gaza City" and clarified that ground forces had reached the center of Gaza City.

The Israeli army continues to destroy Hamas strongholds, including underground tunnels, around Gaza City, and is poised to start full-scale street fighting in the center of Gaza City.

In addition, an Arabic-language spokesman for the Israeli military called on residents of the northern Gaza Strip to evacuate to the south of the Gaza Strip by specifying a route and time in a post on the old Twitter account X on the 7th.

The post was accompanied by a video from a distance showing a large number of residents walking with white flags and hands raised, writing, "Many people are evacuating at this time, if you and your loved ones are important, follow our instructions to head south."

By encouraging the evacuation of civilians, the Israeli military seems to be aiming to demonstrate its compliance with international law and emphasize the legitimacy of its military operations.

Meanwhile, authorities in the Gaza Strip claimed that 90,1 people were still trapped in the north and that humanitarian aid had not arrived for almost a month.

In the northern part of the Gaza Strip, bakeries have all shut down due to a shortage of fuel and flour, and they are forced to drink unsafe water, he said, "Israel is trying to put psychological pressure on residents with heavy air strikes and drive them out of their homes. and blamed the Israeli side.